KABK The Hague
fall 2016 — spring 2017
Petra Noordkamp


29 Sep­tem­ber 2016
Petra Noord­kamp: Love, Death, Crime and architecture

6 Octo­ber 2016
Folk­ert de Jong: Court of Justice

13 Octo­ber
Rikko Voor­berg: To embrace the world

13 Octo­ber 2016
Charles Land­vreugd: Imag­in­ing Afropea

3 Novem­ber 2016
Gerko Tem­pel­man: Tak­ing Up the Challenge 

10 Novem­ber 2016
Jan Hoek: Sis­taasz of the Castle

17 Novem­ber 2016
Daria Bukovic: Us and them

24 Novem­ber 2016
Tin­ke­bell: Dear­est Tin­ke­bell

1 Decem­ber 2016
David Bern­stein & Audrey Cot­tin: It’s in the Air, performances

Hallway artwork by Daniele Formica & Silvana Gordon Valenzuela (lecture Rikko Voorberg)
Artwork by Daniele Formica & Suyoung Yang
Artwork by Daniele Formica & Suyoung Yang (lecture Charles Landvreugd)
Artwork for David Bernstein
Poster by Gilles de Brock

Part 2 - Spring 2017

2 Feb­ru­ary 2017
Eduard Nazars­ki: The Evil and the trump of Good Deeds

9 Feb­ru­ary 2017
Sanne Peper: The Ter­ri­ble Nature of Nature

16 Feb­ru­ary 2017
Auke Kok: What have you done? (1936, We went to Berlin) 

9 March 2017
Lau­rens ten Kate: The Evil between Being and Being Seen

16 March 2017
Jonas Staal: Closed World, New World

23 March 2017
Ibelisse Guardia Fer­ragut­ti: What is the secret of the Noo­dle Soup?

06 April 2017
Flo­ri­an Got­tke, Reveal­ing Evil: Demo­niza­tion as an Oper­a­tion of Exclu­sion in Polit­i­cal Protests

13 April 2017
Sjo­erd de Vries: Good and Evil in Tibetan Buddhism

20 April 2017
Alber­to de Michele: The under­world of Human Society

4 May 2017
Jim van Os: Between art and Madness

11 May 2017
Auk­je Dekker: Fear

18 May 2017
Rap­per SEF inter­viewed by Joeri Woudstra

1 June 2017
Tjep­co van Voorst Vad­er: The role of Law

Cura­tor: Hanne Hage­naars
Coor­di­na­tor: Jean­nette Slüt­ter
Posters: Gilles de Brock

poster by Gilles de Brock
poster by Gilles de Brock
Hallway Artwork by Suyoung Yang
Dutch Design Award
Rapper SEF interviewed by Joeri Woudstra