Hanne Hagenaars bezoekt de Frieze New York 2018, dit is haar selectie:

Algirdas Seskus
Chaim van Luit
Ana Mazzei
Gracie De Vito
Vivian Caccuri
Cornelia Parker, News at Eight (Make the Moon Great Again), 2017
Jesse Wine, I think you ought to know, I'm going to a creative stage some people find difficult to to connect to (I), 2018
Jordan Nassar, Anat Ebgi
Tyra Tingleff
Chiara Banfi, Sem título 2 - da série Body, Mind & Soul, 2017
Josh Tonsfeldt, Untitled, 2018
Cecilia Vicuña, Boogie-Woogie Quipu, 2018
Sara Ramo
León Ferrari
David Shaw
Beth Campbell, There's no such thing as a good decision (Floyd), 2017
Ghada Amer, Shivering, 2015
Sarah Sze, Model for a Weather Vane, 2012